I know this is getting ridiculous, me changing my mind about having the site open or closed and up and down. I hope I will be able to fill you in soon on what is happening, but in the mean while just know it's all good. I'm working on something big, fun and exciting, and that requires a bit of secrecy so I won't spoil the surprise. Although I maybe unpublishing the Facebook page, too, like it now, if it's currently open, when it springs back up, you'll be on the list. I will be blogging in undisclosed locations (hahah) for the time being, sort of back to the basics really so those of you who have been following me for years will probably find it very easy reading. I'll try to keep you updated on Twitter on any posts I may publish between now and reopening this blog/website, wherever they may pop up. I recommend printing them if you like them, because who knows how long I'll keep them published. :D It's just me being SUPER conscious about every little detail at the moment and terribly fearful I've left in an error of any kind. I've become so aware of the huge responsibility that it is to advice people on their love relationships, that it needs to be perfect. Although I am very proud of what I am doing, I don't want anyone to freak out and think I'm telling them their love is not their love - for example - when I simply try to tell them to release the fear that they are not... The wordings need to be so careful and yet it can suck the life out of the text if they're not... You have probably noticed my habit of pointing out every possible alternative explanation a lot, making the text impossible to follow? :D Or simply screaming through ONE situation, never minding the other possibilities. This sort of stuff bugs the hell out of me here, so that's why I'm disappearing for a while and getting regrouped... ALSO, there is something I still haven't managed to put my finger on, I am so close I can feel it, and once I get to it, I'll be returning to you post haste. Just think of me as if I was climbing a mountain for you trying to find you the last piece of the puzzle. :p Yeah, I'm your personal Frodo destroying the last bit of superstition and bringing down the light of truth. LOL Or the other option is that I'm only being a proper wanker who can't make up her mind, that's also a real possibility. Nonetheless, I'm trying my best. :)

Until later,



PS: if you want to keep your taps on me otherwise, I do blog on my personal/rock blog at Sebastyne.net, which has virtually nothing to do with spirituality, but just me being silly... Besserwisser. :p

PS2: If you were looking for the Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology, you did find the right place, but wrong time. I won't be long.